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The Mediator – Susan Kaye - Professional Bio

Susan Kaye is a trained and qualified practitioner in three professional fields. Mediation – family, civil and commercial mediation; Counselling/Therapy – individuals, couples and group and business; Family Business Advising.

In all three arenas of my work the one common theme that my clients contend with and seek to address is the spirit and quality of their relationships whether in their personal, family or working lives. Often issues they wish to address can cross all three. I have been privileged to be invited into these very personal and private domains. I recognise, and value highly the level of trust that is placed in me, and the responsibility this confers. In return I am committed to my clients’ welfare first, to taking care for their dignity, to respecting their knowledge and decisions and to offering all the professional skills, expertise and experience at my disposal to help them address, sometimes accept, manage and take positive action on the issues they bring. As a values-based practitioner and in line with the professional Codes of Ethics under which I practice, my own personal and professional values are: Trustworthiness, Fairness, Excellence, Generosity, Courage.

Counselling    Susan has more than 30 years in practice working with individuals, couples, families and young people and adheres to a strict Code of Ethics in her counselling and therapy practice. Her areas of expertise cover: couples counselling; individual counselling (including low self-worth, depression, loss, change of life circumstances, parenting); sibling rivalry; family and business relationships; business partnership counselling and coaching; career change; retirement; young people counselling. Susan specialises in conflict management related to all of the above

Corporate    In 1988 Susan founded The Challenge of Excellence where she acts in both an advisory and counselling, coaching and mentoring capacity for leaders, groups and teams at president and executive level. She has vast international experience with corporate and family firm clients in the US, Japan, Brazil, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UAE and China as well as on her home ground in England. After in depth assessments on objectives identification Susan designs and delivers customised retreats, workshops and programs addressing leadership, teamship, strategic visioning, conflict management, coaching, feedback, negotiation, goal setting, president level ‘retirement’ (with spouses), succession and ‘preparing for a new season’ career change/identity and more.

Family Business    Managing a multiple range of agendas and intricate relationships which are family, financially, professionally and business oriented, family firms are complex entities and often highly private. Individual affiliation within multiple systems can cause conflicting loyalties based on the varying objectives. Susan is experienced in helping these complex systems and the individuals within each separate out their roles and purpose and find the linking common goals, focussing on what does work, as opposed to what does not and then growing these characteristics. Susan’s ability and skills in containing highly emotive situations and her success in helping clients from various systems with apparently different agendas work toward the win-win is one of her strengths. She has worked with multiple generations of families within family firms from founder level up to 6th generation.

Elite athletes    Susan works with elite athletes who, in addition to having to consistently rise to peak sporting performance must simultaneously manage the media, their fame, their relationships at home and their professional relationships, in full view of the public eye. Additionally with a professional career much shorter than most, personal identity and self-worth and thoughts of how to replace ‘the high’ of their sporting careers with a future career can become challenging areas of concern. Susan works with these athletes, often collaboratively with financial advisers, their managers or coaches and sometimes their spouses/partners. Or, Susan may be brought in to work with elite athletes as a family mediator if they are considering separation or divorce.

Family Mediation    Susan is a trained and qualified family mediator and adheres to a strict Code of Practice in her practice as laid out by the Family Mediation Council.

Approaches & Methodologies    With more than 30 years of experience working with hundreds of different clients of all ages and generations, in many different settings, countries and from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures, Susan has developed expertise in a range of specialised and innovative approaches to help her clients move forward and achieve desired change. For further information on her approaches, please Contact us.

Youth Entrepreneurship Education    Throughout Susan’s professional career clients often said to her, ‘I wish I knew this when I was young’. In response and in 2007 Susan turned her attention to young people. She designed and co-founded Tsu’Chu Biz, a 4-day course for 13-19 year olds that uses ‘play’ and the game of football to nurture and teach youth entrepreneurship, develop leadership and teamship skills, emotional intelligence and social and professional skills as well as business finance. As chairman of the board for the charity, Susan spent eight years full time and in a voluntary capacity delivering and mentoring this course to more than 1500 young people, most of whom were from disadvantaged backgrounds and from more than 50 inner city state schools, including youngsters from colleges and universities in the UK and internationally.

Qualifications & Memberships    Susan is a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adheres to BACP’s strict Code of Ethics. She is a trained and qualified personal and couples counsellor holding a Diploma in Couples’ Group Counselling through Relate in conjunction with the Institute of Group Analysis. As with all professional therapists Susan receives BACP recognised supervision. She is an accredited Family Business Adviser and Fellow of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), a USA based international academic organisation for professionals advising to family businesses. Susan is a trained and qualified civil/commercial mediator (London School of Mediation) and family mediator (ADR Group) and a registered member of the Family Mediation Association and The Family Mediation Council. Susan adheres to the Family Mediation Council’s Code of Practice (FMC) which includes a clear complaints procedure and undertakes FMC accredited continuous development and receives FMC recognised supervision. Susan holds all relevant professional insurance.