Family Mediation & Children

Family mediators are specially trained to focus on the needs of the children in the family, and will always work with you, as the parents, to do that together.

Susan has extensive experience in working therapeutically with young people and understands the many issues that can arise for them on the subject of their parents’ separation or divorce.

It is generally felt that it is the parents who are the best placed to resolve their children’s issues but during separation or divorce often find it difficult to sit down together and have conversations with each other about the children without being side-tracked into revisiting the reasons for their relationship breakdown. Mediation can help have those conversations.

The family mediation process can provide you as parents with information about some of the effects of separation and divorce for children and can assist in helping you to create a parenting plan as well as informing you of local referral sources for expert help or the most appropriate support groups if that is what is needed. However, as the parents of your child or children, Susan takes the view that it is your own knowledge and personal understanding of your children that will ensure you reach the best possible outcomes for them and any new family arrangements. She will call on your own expertise and keep the focus on their needs and their best outcomes. This YouTube video link presents a moving song written by James TW highlighting a teenager’s experience of his parents’ separation

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