Susan’s fees will depend on her understanding of what it is you hope to deal with and the complexities of the case and she will discuss this with you at the first meeting which, in the case of family mediation, is usually at the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM). Accordingly the number of sessions will also be discussed at this meeting so you will have an estimate of all costs from the beginning. Susan’s mediation fees for MIAMs are £175 p.hr + VAT per person.

Preparation of Proposal Documents (Memorandums of Understanding), Financial Schedules and or Financial Agreements usually take approximately two hours each to prepare and are charged at an hourly rate + VAT.

If co-mediation is an option and there are fees for a 2nd mediator, this will be discussed prior to any co-mediation taking place.

For fees for civil and commercial disputes, please Contact us.